"A scored conversational adventure outside your echo chamber, where the GRIPE is your invitation to engage" 

Uncovering unadressed class consciousness in everyday exchanges, the point of the game is to engage strangers in conversation, especially those who you might not expect to agree with. Find common ground, establish rapport and move the conversation towards substantial social issues and concerns about the state of the world.

Listen for a GRIPE, or look for a gripefull situation ripe for a BAIT 

You earn points per encounter, by how many exchanges you can make before the conversation ends. - And during the course of game playing by maintaining and building rapport. 

The responses are pushed to a database and logged with location to gather useful information about the demographics of an area and what the common world views are of the public.

"Adopt a friendly curious attitude, find common ground, bond through the gripe, keep communication going, feel free to go off script. Keep it light and don’t push a closed door." 

"Rapport is primary!”

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